LifeScents Aromatherapy

Makers of Creams and Lotions, Salves and Potions.


About Us

LifeScents Aromatherapy is a small Canadian company located in Ottawa, Ontario where it is owned and operated by Certified Aromatologist and Grass Roots Herbalist Dale Dalessio. LifeScents Aromatherapy has been serving the Ottawa community since 2000.

Armed with a passion for essential oils, herbs and and their properties, LifeScents has been dedicated for more than ten years to producing quality body products where the use of essential oils and herbs, by their unique properties, can help to balance the body, mind and soul. 

We carry a wide variety of products such as salves, creams, lotion bars, hydrosols, roll-ons, and other products such as sweet grass braids, Goddess dolls and lavender eye bags. 


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