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"Just wanted to let you know that the Green Goddess Healing Salve is just wonderful. Beautiful scent, makes my winter hand dryness and cracking go away and does wonders for my nails! Using it makes me feel quite pampered! thanks again!
Many blessings." -Lucie, Ottawa

"Your sweet grass is amazing!" - Shantelle, Renfrew (Swirley Things)


"I received your Unscented Cream yesterday. Used it on my face today. Yes, my face. It is indeed a beautiful product. Thank you. Will buy again when I run out." - Rue, British Columbia


“I used your Egyptian Goddess Cream during the winter in Toronto. Wow! It is the first time in years my skin has stayed soft. I can’t wait to use it in the summer!” – Barb, Toronto


“We took your Poison Ivy Relief Cream camping with us, and we are so glad we did. Keep up the great work!” -Cathy, Burlington


“I used your Green Goddess Healing Salve and it is truly amazing, I use it for virtually everything. I’ll never use anything else!” – Tracey, Ottawa


“Each morning, my skin care products wait patiently for me on shelves in my bathroom. You’ll find Egyptian Goddess Cream there. Mom did a few things right. When I was young, she told me that looking after my skin was paramount. Now, at 52, I find it’s even more important. Time and hormones play havoc on facial skin. I won’t be getting plastic surgery or putting any harsh chemicals onto my skin, so I appreciate how natural Egyptian Goddess Cream is. Using Egyptian Goddess Cream has kept my skin healthy, glowing and the compliments flowing. Not bad for an old girl!” – Kit, Kingston


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